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Notes for today

Since I am new at this, it is hard to know what frequency and regularity I should post. Progress is being made toward publication of BAB. I have got two good written reviews on the manuscript. Today I ordered business cards just for the book and this website. My two good reviews are quoted on the back of the cards. I need to post some news photos. Gosh knows I have photos to spare. There has also been a lot of progress on the art side. I turned out three new works over the weekend. Actually four, but I gave the small piece away as a birthday gift to friend Chris Tessmer and I never even took a picture of it. I sort of had her in mind the whole time I was making it. I have actually done that quite often. Almost all my close neighbors have a wood carving that I created and gave to them. One of my reasons for giving them away was in the beginning I was not sure my art work had any market potential. I have since learned different. I need to get the new work posted. And I will. Sooner or later.

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