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Today's notes on BAB

OK, I surrender. After much discussion and almost unanimous votes against me I have conceded and agreed to tone down the sex scenes in the story. Admittedly they were graphic. I meant them to be. And they were well written if I do say so myself. But I have been convinced that the three graphic sex scenes can and probably will hurt the marketability of the book to succeed at all. Dammit. I just posted Chapter 12 and there is a sex scene at the end of this Chapter. It may seem stark to you now, but trust me it has been toned down. Now I have to go back to previous Chapters that have sex scenes and completely rewrite those scenes. Which I will. Oddly enough these sex issues are not what is holding up publication. The big holdup now is a book cover. All I have is a front cover. I still need a back cover, a spine design and possibly a dust cover design if the story ever makes it to hard copy. I have had numerous offers to publish the book if I 'PAY' for publication. Believe me when I tell you there are literally hundreds of companies and people out there who are ready, willing and able to help publish a book if you are willing to pay for it yourself. These author services companies make their living off of stroking writers egos for a price. And your book may or may not ever see publication. So I am avoiding these crooks and proceeding along at a snail's pace. Meanwhile life gets in the way with plenty of personal issues I won't even mention. The bottom line is, every single review I have received on Brother Against Brother so far has been positive. This story has legs and can stand on its own. If I ever get it to market.

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