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BAB Notes Today

Today I'm not sure if writing a book is a brave thing to do or just an ego trip. Each and every time I go back to the text I make changes. Or changes seem to be required. What effect those changes may have or make on the copyright is a concern and anybody's guess. I kind of want to be done with the thing so I can start another book. Somebody (who shall remain nameless) suggested I do both. News flash: Men don't multitask. At least not very well. If I ever get Brother Against Brother published I think I will put it down and leave it alone. But there is no danger of that at this time. What is really funny to me is that each time I read my own text for the purpose of making changes or corrections I get involved in the story all over again. I was up till midnight last night making needed and optional changes. I guess the plot doesn't change but changing and editing exposes the power and weakness of each and every word. Someday I hope I can get this good story in readers hands so they can gloss over and disregard how much heartache and work went into each and every page. I sure hope the next one isn't this hard.

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