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When I received the email from Dorrance concerning my book I almost cried. Because when a man receives proper recognition for his work it is one of the best things in the world. After I came down off my cloud, I recognized their email may not be the best thing. First of all, I have been assured by someone who should know - that publishers do not cruise the Library of Congress looking for books to publish. Also, when I looked at the Dorrance website I notice they advertise that they offer 'author services'. If you don't know, this is code for a so called publisher that charges you for the privilege of publishing your book. If they publish it at all. Yet and still, it does mean that somebody, somewhere has heard about my book. Because I sure didn't tell Dorrance. I never heard of them before. I have made an appointment to talk by phone to the Dorrance rep. It can't hurt to hear what he has to say. Like most things I have been procrastinating publication. I am sort of waiting on a written review back from author Wayne McFarland. I was expecting his review today but it did not arrive. I also am waiting on my copyright number from the U.S. Copyright Office. They indicated when I applied for copyright that their response could take up to two months. I'm in no real hurry to publish. My copyright application number assures my legal copyright on my story. Story theft is actually rare. But guess who are the most frequent abusers of copyright law? Hollywood. The movie industry has a history of stealing authors works. That history goes back decades too. I had the discussion again today with Dave Dufford that he and I as authors are operating in the cellar of the entertainment industry. I remind us again that unless we can graduate our work to some kind of electronic media we have little or no chance of survival. I still think that is true. But it won't stop me.

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