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Unless you been living on the Moon for the last year you know how COVID-19 has impacted our society, our nation and the world. With over 500,000 Americans dead from this respiratory disease I find it hard to believe or understand that there are people in this country who STILL don't believe this disease is a threat. Not only is COVID-19 still a threat the virus is mutating as we speak and is evolving into variant strains. These variant strains may be more deadly than COVID-19. I already had some immunity. In the Winter of 2020 I participated in a respiratory vaccine medical study and received an injection of an experimental vaccine. To date none of the participants in this study have caught colds, flu or COVID-19. As far as we know. Even so, with this news of mutating COVID-19 variants I bit the bullet and went and got a COVID-19 vaccine shot today. And as bad as I hate needles, it wasn't bad. So I can recommend you do so also if you haven't yet. COVID-19 can kill your ass. And this epidemic is not over yet.

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