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1999 Honda Shadow ACE Tourer 1100cc

This is the second Honda Shadow I have owned. The last one nearly killed me and gave me a shattered right femur, a steel brace, 13 screws and a 60 degree bend limit in my right knee. Also contributed to the end of a marriage. Well of course I had to get back on the horse that threw me - so we got another. We had a Voyager trike kit on this Shadow but I had to take it off. The trike kit was unreliable and failed on us twice while in transit. Not good. I think I proved my point to myself and it is time to let this one go. I never did like the color anyway. We just got a good price on the bike. Time and opportunity. You know. This bike is posted for sale on Facebook Marketplace

and Craig's List. The season is right. Hopefully it goes away quickly and I get my garage space back. I have plans to start some large scale carvings and I need more room.

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