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The Day After

The web site is off to a good start. I am very grateful for that. The counter indicates a lot of visitors but not that many subscribers yet. Well it is only day 3 of publication. To all you visitors I want to thank you for your interest and I hope you come back soon. I will post Chapter 2 of Brother Against Brother tomorrow. I promise. Today I posted some more Ivey images. I don't have as many Ivey images as I thought. Of course I am still scanning old photos and repairing some of them. I enjoy that process, but it is slow. I literally have over 20,000 images that I am scanning to electronic files and saving to a large flash drive. I will make copies available to those interested. If I ever get finished. It is possible I could still be scanning images this time next year. Also posted an image of a new art work I started today. I finished the previous two but they are still wet and need to dry. I think I will send the Dog and Hunter work to my friend Dave Dufford over in Pennsylvania. Dave has been very supportive of my writing and I have really enjoyed his advice and his read of my book. I'm going to use the artwork and see if I can bribe a review out of him. C'mon Dave, I need it!. The great weather has returned to central Colorado after a 2 foot snow storm last week. I spent almost all day out in the sun room carving and finishing art work. I think if I get a bit more inventory produced I am going post some on Etsy for sale also. Busy, busy, busy. I sure like it.

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