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Second Shot At It

October 29, 2020 - Only my second attempt to do something with this website. There has been no time to make any significant contribution. And the damned thing is paid for. In between trying to make a living, designing a garage addition for our home and entertaining guests in the middle of an epidemic I am not making a lot of progress. Also trying to learn how to use the Wix editor is painful for me. The editor only bears a slim resemblance to graphics editors I have used in the past. And I would be rusty in any case. But I have got to get this going. I guess it is like anything else. It requires clumsy practice and diligence. I have already managed to lose the sample images on the Work title page. I figured out how to insert my images. But those images must be copyrighted. I actually tried to hire someone to do this for me but I either found no takers or I found people who wanted thousands of dollars. And that is not in the budget. Anyway, the beat goes on while I beat my head against this effort. Wish me luck.

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