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So I opened an Etsy store. Displaying and selling my art there also. The Internet distribution of my work has started. Hopefully this will produce. You can check it out at Been snowing here in the Rocky Mountains for the last three days in a row. I don't remember using a snow shovel so much. We are going to have to invest in a snow plow. Cause the old gray stud ain't what he used to be. So if you want to help take care of a senior so he can keep producing art, please buy some of my art work. I need to buy a snow plow! Posting Chapter 4 of Brother Against Brother tonight. I have not yet found an effective way to notify potential readers that a new chapter is available. I guess I am going to have to start using MailChimp or something similar. The nice thing is, after I post new chapters they can remain here for readers until I remove them. This is kind of fun. Elk photo by Pam Scully.

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