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Notes on BAB 4/7/21

I think the editing of Brother Against Brother is complete. I know I am going to solicit another pre-publication review from author Wayne McFarland. Because he offered to do so if I would read one of his books and review. Which I will eventually. I was going to attempt publication this month but family/personal issues are going to interrupt that attempt. It may have to wait until next month. In lieu of hiring a professional editor I have had my two lady friends hacking at the manuscript. Right now it is in the best shape we can get it. I'm sure we have missed something but so it goes. What we have determined that the book is 232 pages. (8.5" x 11") And over 16,300 words. A 6" x 9" paperback book averages 400 words per page. Assuming a 2" left margin. 16,3000 words divided by 400 equals over 400 pages. The implications are that I have written a freaking Civil War epic. And no bad reviews to date.

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