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Notes on BAB

Second attempt to make some notes on Brother Against Brother. I am still getting used to using Wix. I made these notes once already and lost them because I forgot to click on Publish. It may or may not be interesting to know that two of the scenes in Chapter 5 come from my own experience. I witnessed the fight scene in the 'Bar' with my own two eyes. When I was a teenager we used to try and get liquor and enjoy ourselves like we saw the adults doing all around us. The white folks would not help us buy or sell us liquor but the black folks in the black bars would. They might charge us a little more but they were friendly, polite and treated us well. So it was all good. One night I was standing at the end of the bar at the Congo Club in Shreveport, Louisiana when a large woman DID bust in and attack someone. You can read the details here in Chapter 5. I have accurately recorded how that event went down. The second scene of note is the fight scene on the Bossier City pier. That scene was scene two of a dream that has led to the creation of this book. I have dreamed stories all my life. Off and on. I tried recording them in the past but never got to keep that material. It is only now I feel like I can produce a book from these dreams. I would like to evolve out of my career as an Electronic Technician into a career as a creative producing art, photography and writing. It remains to be seen whether that is possible or not.

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