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If you are a reader and enjoy good writing you owe it to yourself to go check out friend Dave Dufford's new Blog - Mind Forage. ( I truly think Dave is a gifted writer who should be published and making millions with his material. If I had more experience and knowledge in the publication industry I would help him do just that. My concern is, he and I both are participating in a dying industry. Americans just don't read like they used to, because they have so many other entertainment options available to them today. Along with magazines and newspapers, books are becoming the dinosaurs of the entertainment industry. I know books and stories will always remain a source of entertainment and information. Only now they get morphed into streaming videos and games. Where this is all going to take us I'm sure I don't know. But I do know Dave and I have a lot of stories in us that need to get written. And deserved to be published. It remains to be seen whether the written word will be the final word.

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