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Delays, Delays, Delays

Apologies are in order. This Wix website is new and I am still getting used to it. I still find Wix difficult to use and that does not motivate me to make necessary changes and updates. I actually have some desktop graphic arts experience and I question whether Wix was the best choice for going commercial with my art, photography and writing. But we're here now so let's make the best of it. In my own defense I was out of town for nearly two weeks. It sure is good to be home. And now, for the really hard part. Chapters 9 and 10 of Brother Against Brother are overdue to be posted. I have been procrastinating. Chapter 10 has very ADULT segments and I have received complaints from at least two female readers about that. However, I'm not certain women are the primary market for a historical fiction novel. And, I also know many men enjoy erotica in just about every form. So I am reluctant to remove these ADULT segments. As a concession to my female readers I have censored these ADULT segments in this post. So it becomes important to mention my book is not about erotica in any shape form or fashion. But the fact of life is, rape occurs. It is an act just as cruel and violent as war. Brother Against Brother is a fictional account about two brothers who meet in conflict at the Battle of Mansfield Louisiana. There are related story lines where women don't fare well. Which you will meet if and when you read the book. While few women fell in battle, I suspect women also suffered during the Civil War in very unique and unpleasant ways. I depict that suffering in graphic detail. You have been warned.

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