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Actually kind of odd I have not made a post about this before now. In Teller County, Colorado when you go get the Moderna vaccine you get a blue sticker for shot number one. For shot number two they give you an orange sticker. Just like in school. For my kids maybe. They didn't have stickers when I was in school. I think they had gold stars. I rarely got a gold star. Anyway, I continue to find it concerning and odd the number of hillbillies in my community who think the whole COVID-19 event is/was a government conspiracy and they refuse to wear masks. Some of them of have paid the price. Teller County is the smallest county in the State of Colorado but we have had over 50 deaths from COVID-19 including our recently elected Mayor of Woodland Park. You would think that would send a message and it does. But that message is widely not received. Never underestimate stupidity in groups. Because there is plenty of it here. Anyway the Vet says I'm caught up on my shots. Maybe I will survive this epidemic. My great grandmother did not survive the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918. She was 18 years old with a six month old child. My great grandfather buried her on the property where he was a tenant farmer at the time. To this day no one in our family knows where she is buried. These respiratory epidemics have a habit of coming around every 100 years or so. COVID-19 was not our first. It will not be our last.

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