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Brother Against Brother - The Introduction

I started writing my very first novel in October 2018. This book and story is a product of a dream I had one night. Actually, I have dreamed stories all my life. And twice I tried to collect my dream stories in a binder or journal. Both attempts at recording my dreams and thoughts were used against me by faithless women. And I had to destroy both records. Just one example of how the world does not want you doing anything. Anyway, as of this date I am 162 pages into the novel and it is going well when I can force myself to sit down and write. I think the book has real market potential. But I also bear in mind that it is a minority of Americans who even read books anymore. The fact is, our society is now obsessed with video games, Internet, cell phones and TV. And that leaves little attention left for reading a book. But I am going to start posting chapters and snippets of the book here and see if I can generate some attention. One never knows.

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